Deadline: 25 May 2018

Increased connectivity and the growth of online services and social media in the new digital era lead people to widely share their personal information with multiple organisations and companies.

High-profile data breaches across the corporate world have shown the need to tighten the data security laws, while concerns over what businesses are doing with private information growed.

On 25 May 2018, a new European-wide regulation – known as GDPR – will come into force. This will see the law get stricter on the collection and handling of personal data.

GDPR applies to all businesses

Businesses and organisations operating in the EU, which hold data (including expressions of opinion and intention) about identifiable individual customers, suppliers and employees, will be covered by the new GDPR.

In practice, this means every EU business and organisation.

All companies should be taking steps to actively ensure they will remain or become compliant.

Get support

Becoming GDPR compliant means more than just putting in place processes, policies and systems to avoid complaints: it means embedding a culture of respect for data privacy throughout the entire business.

We recommend our clients to start immediately!

At Muser Entertainment we put great value on our customers, and their own clients, data privacy. We work closely with our team of lawyers, business advisers and partners to guarantee our compliancy.

We can help you become GDPR-compliant too and deal with GDPR requests from customers.

Reach out to us today to learn more about support for your own business.

Read in detail about the new GDPR in all 24 EU languages.