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In today’s digitalised world, over 60% of a website traffic is driven by search. Search engines are the arbiters that determine what brand is the answer to a customer question, therefore a strong search presence is critical.

Muser’s experts are helping brands on providing to new and returning customers the relevant content at the moment they are looking for it. We go beyond driving rankings, traffic or direct conversions, and make sure to optimise and bring the user experience on the search results page in alignment with the full digital ecosystem of a brand.



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Top search results ranking

How do you increase website visitors and attract potential new customers? This is the question every aspiring favourite brand is asking daily. A successful search presence is the answer.

Muser Entertainment handles both small and large search marketing campaigns involving search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click marketing, display advertising, paid PR campaigns, big brand marketing and local search marketing on main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ongoing optimisation

The key to success in search is continuous optimisation. Search is more expensive on a per-impression and per-click basis than other forms of digital advertising. The value of search lies in its unparalleled ability to optimise toward conversion by using data to focus specific offers on users when they are actively seeking those offers. In paid search, daily bid management and campaign optimisations will guarantee continuous improvement.

Website technical SEO

A website Search Engine Optimisation starts from content planning and promotion, and it needs to be in sync with technical SEO.

SEO technical compliance is rooted in ensuring that websites are properly visible to search engines. There are many technical best practices to ensure that a search engine’s automated systems can access all content within a website and properly understand it.

Whether we are building a new website or updating an existing one, SEO technical compliance best practices are applied throughout the planning and development process. We also ensure that website functionality does not impede SEO, and that SEO specific tags are properly applied to communicate the value and meaning of site pages as clearly as possible.

Advanced SEO: going beyond common practices

Google will only show up to one paid search and two organic website results for a single site. But great opportunities exist in search beyond optimising the website itself.

In paid search, different verticals may be served by alternative ad formats beyond text ads. E-commerce sites can increase their presence via shopping ads. Similar feed-driven ad products exist for specific verticals like hospitality and automotive.

In SEO, Google and other search engines may offer information about the searched topic through results other than website results. Local businesses must engage in listing management and optimisation to ensure they appear in map results. Link-building and citation efforts can lead to referral traffic from other non-competitive websites ranking for the same terms. Proper optimisation of a brand’s social properties (eg. Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel) will also drive increased brand presence in search results.

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