Have you ever wondered, is there a more efficient way to boost repeat visits and reach users than email campaigns? The answer is YES: Push Notifications.

To be succesful in an ever-evolving digital marketing age, especially when targeting millennials, you need to showcase relevance. Today’s consumers simply don’t want to be “marketed to”. When a consumer receives an un-targeted email or a random SMS, they tend to lose trust in the brand. Therefore you need to be focused on engaging consumers as individuals, in other words, stop marketing and start engaging on a personal level.

A great new modern tool to allow to do just that is through push notifications. They are an ideal solution for quick alerts about new blog posts, discounts or any dynamic data you would like your potential visitors find about. They are presented to the user in the form of a small, clickable message that show up in the browser. To subscribe to them, users must give their approval by clicking “Allow” in an opt-in box when they visit a site, subscribing to the notifications list. What makes push notifications so great is that the user doesn’t have to be on your site to receive them. they will receive the notification no matter what site they are visiting in that moment.

A recent research shows that push notification open rate fluctuates between 50-80%. When you also take in consideration that you can segment recipients based on location, product affinity, language, subscription page and many others, you easily can see why push notifications results can outgrow those of newsletters.

Push Notifications Features
Browser push notifications tools are supplied with features that can provide a user-friendly experience and make campaigns more efficient. Besides segmentation, you can run A/B tests, track real-time performance and schedule delivery.

Once implemented correctly and used smartly, push notifications will help you convert your website visitors into returning users, returning users into leads and, the ultimate goal, leads into customers.

Most Used Scenarios

  • Content – new blog post, podcast or video.
  • Offers – new offer or sale.
  • Shopping Cart – abandoned shopping cart.
  • Survey/Poll – feedback from subscribers.

At Muser Entertainment we jumped into the new marketing wagon and started implementing web push notification for our customers. We will first analyse your brand digital presence and plan the most efficient campaign strategy that will allow you make the most out of this powerful marketing tool.

Contact us today and find how your business also can benefit from integrating push notifications into your digital brand presence and drastically increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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